02 Aug 2021

Yorktown Jewelry Inspires Unique Engagement Stories

The Yorktown Jewelry store has been serving the community for many years, providing customers with fine jewelry for different occasions, including engagements.

Here are two stories of recent engagements that the store was happy to be a part of, as retold by owner Myron Ruales.

During the Christmas holidays and because of Covid restrictions, families were not able to get together, so one of our amazing customers coordinated a family Zoom meet that involved both his family and that of his fiancé.

Before the Zoom, he had asked select family members to create signs. The idea was to show the signs during the Zoom call as a surprise for his fiancé. The signs read, Will You Marry Me?

Needless to say, his fiancé was shocked. But they were all happy to share in this special moment with their families, and we were too, given that the ring, a platinum solitaire with a 2.50 ct. round diamond, was purchased in our store.

In case you’re wondering, she said yes!

Another recent engagement story that we like to share is proof that love has no boundaries.

A few months ago, we designed a beautiful cushion-cut diamond in a spectacular halo-style ring set in Rose gold for a special couple. The amazing part of this story is that they live in Florida.

Through regular phone calls and FaceTime, we completed their dream ring.

With their favorite song playing in the background on a beautiful small bridge where they had first met, he took out the ring and proposed. And she said, yes!

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