04 Feb 2021

Minimalist Skincare With Glowing Results

Hello 2021! As we all welcome the beginning of this new year, implementing goals like healthy eating and exercise is usually on top of most people’s list. Being in shape and eating clean makes us feel good and provides positive mental health. The start of a new year is also a wonderful opportunity to refresh your skincare routine with healthy skincare choices.

Sometimes you can end up with a bunch of skincare products that may not even be right for your skin type. Simplifying your skincare routine with four staple products (cleanser, toner optional, moisturizer, & exfoliator) will help rebalance your skin’s moisture barrier and that’s what makes it look bright and glowy. Using botanical based skincare with natural fragrance, emollients and preservatives will help nourish + soothe skin, making it less red and irritated. Many skin irritations can be traced back to an improper diet and skincare products formulated with synthetic ingredients.

During winter months our skin can often feel compromised of proper hydration, this is a great time to use a humidifier in your home during sleeping hours and drink plenty of fluids. Super charge that extra glow in your skin by adding an omega supplement, eating fresh foods, and keeping dairy to a minimum. After implementing your new routine, visible changes can take a few weeks, so be patient and consistent. To get the right products for your skin type, Virtual and Studio Skincare Consultations are available by private appointment with Theresa Naman, botanicfacebody.com  Tarrytown, NY.

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