39 Gary Owen March 29 – 30 ! Melissa Villaseñor March 31 at 7 and 9:30 ! Ali Saddiq April 12 – 15 ! Dov Davidoff April 21 at 7:30 and 9:45 + Joey Kola & Kevin Ryan May 5 at 9:30 * Chris Distefano May 10 - 12 ! Find out where they’ll be: Monroe Martin, Yannis Pappas, + more show listings on our website. ! Levity Lounge • Rockwells +Yonkers Comedy Club Are you talking about difficult topics? No – not difficult topics. There’s a fun side of me that’s still there that people are engaged in. But she can turn cold real quick. But she’s still fun – but it’s the kind of fun where more women become silent and give you lots of ‘awws,’ and more men laugh. So I think if anything, I’ve become ‘Something for the ladies, and something for the fellas.’ What frustrates you as a performer? The frustration I feel as a performer is: I wish more people knew me and I wish I was more popular so that I can get away from the material I’m doing now and get into the real stuff that I really want to do. But at this point, when it comes to television and putting out specials, it’s still more about: let’s really hit all the funny and goofy things; people have to know you at that level before they can know you on a higher level. I’ve been doing standup for long time and I’ve evolved past the material that is often seen of me, and I’m just waiting for my audience to build enough to the point that they know me so I can talk about the real shit. That’s not to say that the things I’m talking about aren’t good now, but there are deeper places that I want to go that requires people to know who I am first before they say, “Who’s this bitch trying to be Nietzsche?” You’re working on your new hour-long set. What are you going to talk about? There’s not a lot of sex stuff in this new hour. More often than not, the success rate of the set that I’m doing is up there, and people are really connecting with it and loving it, but I realize that I have to slowly insert the dildo. It’s always going to be me. It’s always going to be autobiographical but I call bullshit on a lot of stuff: calling bullshit on the way products are being marketed to women, calling bullshit on women’s opinions of themselves, and, overstepping boundaries, but the reality is not every woman is the best woman in the world, but we sort of created this environment where it’s like, “Women!” And I’m like, “Girl, I’m with you, but let’s keep it real. You told me to believe all women and I can’t even stand all women.” Let’s have a real conversation. When we start to swing the pendulum, let’s make sure we are kicking it back, and it doesn’t stay on one side too long and it kind of settles in the middle, because I’m not for extremism on either end. There’s another part. In the 80s, we were kids who went home with the keys behind our neck. You might as well give your damn kid a damn Marriott card. Why were we constantly in a situation where we were not being protecting children, versus how they protect children now? But the double-edged sword of it: we are tough and resilient. Now we are in a time where, I don’t know how tough these kids are gonna be because they all have peanut allergies and night-lights. Saunders is headlining Yonkers Comedy Club on April 7. This interview was edited for clarity. Westchester Guest’s Top Comedy Picks COMEDY WESTCHESTER VISIT WESTCHESTERGUEST.COM TO SEE MORE UPCOMING EVENTS