21 Apr 2020

Go Fund Me: Mount Pleasant Heroes


The past 30 days have changed our world as we know it. We have experienced tragedy, loss and sadness that we never imagined. Our role as Mount Pleasant residents has been to stay home and wait. The professionals who are saving us – saving the lives of people who we love are our nurses, doctors and EMT’s. We have always held them all in high regard but this pandemic, this war that we are fighting has elevated them to heroes in all our hearts. They leave their families each day and risk being infected by a highly contagious virus just to help save strangers lives. It is above and beyond the oath that they took when they entered the medical profession.

They need us,to help them get through this difficult time. We are asking you to make a donation to help us purchase a gratitude bracelet that will remind them that while they are selflessly putting their own lives on the line, we appreciate their efforts beyond what words can express. We know that many of you have financial hardships caused by this but if you are able to donate even the smallest amount, it will help.

With Twin Jewelers, we will purchase Gratitude Bracelets for our heroes from Mount Pleasant. Let’s honor our front line responders from Mount Pleasant while supporting a local business. Twin Jewelers has generously agreed to discount these bracelets so that we can get them on the wrists of as many people as we can. We will deliver them to our Heroes with a special note thanking them for service.

When you make a donation, tell us your hero who lives in Mount Pleasant. Nurse? Doctor? EMT? Have them be the first to get a message of gratitude for the work that saves lives.

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Mount Pleasant Heroes

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