22 Mar 2018

The Q & A: The Evolution of Yamaneika Saunders

By Keenan Steiner You see Yamaneika Saunders all over the place these days. Last year she filmed a prestigious Comedy Central Half-Hour Special, she’s a correspondent on the Tonight Show, you’ll see her on HBO’s “Crashing,” at clubs all over New York, and she’s cooking up a new hour-long set. In her Comedy Central Special, […]

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21 Nov 2017

The Q & A: Anthony DeVito is the Perfect Guy to Make Fun of People

By Keenan Steiner Comedian Anthony DeVito comes from a loud and opinionated — but often wrong — New Jersey family. The saving grace, for the 35-year-old rising star, is that his family never took themselves too seriously. If he poked fun at them, they laughed along with him. And it’s that jovial, fun-loving spirit — […]

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